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1st January 2010

Bank holiday break…..

Mary and I have had a lovely chat this morning! The day started with me not ever having met this gorgeous Irish lady but by almost noon, I felt like I’d known her for eons and was very grateful for the opportunity of meeting her – though I suspect she wishes she hadn’t had to meet me!!

She is the mum of Georgina, who owns St Killians (lovely) villa in Coral Bay and Mary, sadly, fell overnight and broke her arm – so she and I went to the hospital today to get her “seen to” before she flies back to Ireland this pm with Georgina, Killian and June.

I talked non stop on the way to Paphos , to try to take her mind off the pain (and, my husband reckons) caused her more pain BY talking!) then we chatted more easily on the way back, when she knew what she’d done and some treatment had been administered.

Mary is a totally lovely, warm and spiritual lady and, though I wish she hadn’t had the sort of break she got, I’m grateful for the chance of getting to know her and look forward to her coming back here, bones all in tact!

Safe flight!

And the same to all our arrivals today/tomorrow and over the weekend. There is a very warm welcome waiting for you!

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