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1st January 2010

Balance at Breakfast to face the day!

Yoga is great! Its taught me to breathe and stop now and again – which, in holiday season, isn’t easy!

This morning, I was lying in bed with my cuppa , trying to take deep breaths before starting the day when I looked around me in the room. Tony was still sleeping; Charlie cat had come in through the open window and was snuggling up on Tonys hand. Molly, who always sleeps on my feet, was lying next to me, on her back, leg akimbo wanting her tummy tickled.

Alfie had sneaked in and was snoozing beside the wardrobe and Jake was at the base of the bed, snoring loudly and enjoying his family (and the aircon!)……

Suddenly the world made sense again. So, we were heading into the office for a day of hassles and problems (its SO hot, everything is breaking down and we’re struggling to find enough aircon engineers or TV engineers) – and the days are long, hard and hot.

Balance, thats what its all about,

That and replacing our office water cooler with a GnT dispenser! (probably the best idea Tina has ever had!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News