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1st January 2010

Baking away the blues……..

Woke up feeling down in the dumps today. Everything I’ve seen and talked about, has made me want to cry – and when I went to collect Alfie from the vets and there was an 8 week old baby Alf there, who’d just been thrown over a wall, I was distraught! (Tony said no!)

No, I don’t know what is wrong – well, I do actually: NOTHING BUT I AM HORMONAL SO STOP ASKING!!…………… so I’ve done what any self respecting female lunatic does and have come home and baked……


But there is still nothing in for tea coz the stuff I’ve baked, neither Tony nor I like to eat (though I suspect Tony would eat it if it was shop bought and he didn’t know that Jake had “helped” with some of the mixtures!….

Baking has made me feel a tad better. As did the GnT I sneaked when no-one was looking – then , when I pulled the sausage and bacon plait out of the oven and noticed one of the sausages, approx two thirds of the way down the plait had “escaped” and was standing upright out of the pastry, I nearly dropped the creation as I piddled myself laughing!….. I kid you not: its here next to me and I cannot bring myself to take a knife to it – or can I? Maybe just the therapy I need, tee hee!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News