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29th April 2017

Bags of bargains!

It had to be done! Tony and I went to Paphos Old Town Market last Saturday to find a bag to match the dress that I’d just found for the wedding we were attending – within hours of the shopping spree!

I HATE shopping! But the wedding was to be a very posh and special one, (as , granted, all weddings are) and I had nothing to wear! Thankfully, centre of the Old Town of Paphos is now coming together beautifully with pedestrianized walkways, street cafes and the lovely, interesting shops and stalls which make up the market and old town.

Many new traders have taken space in the refurbished shops too: Checkout Rainbows End, a stunning craft shop with such lovely gifts and inspirational ideas – and soon, Kerry, Dream Painted Stones, will also be there, exhibiting the thoughtful and beautiful items she makes.

I digress: luckily, my favourite leather shop, set at the top of the market, was open for business and had JUST the bag I was looking for, in the right shade of pink too! (How, I hear you ask, does a woman who hates shopping, know where the bag shop is and call it her favourite? Well, I have to take our villa guests, to show them where the market is – and have a thing about ”touching the bags” – it is probably an offense but I just love it. I don’t often need a bag but I love to hold them!!).

So, when you book a villa or apartment for a great holiday in Coral Bay or Peyia, please go into the Old Town of Paphos and the Market. For linens, spices, character, smiles, bargains – and bags of course, this area is just right!

To book your villa or apartment, email to me on I’ve got bags of bargains for you to choose from!

Category: Cyprus Villas News