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1st January 2010

Back to Yoga….

With arrivals of holiday guests for villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, now back to being mainly concentrated on Wed and weekends, I’m able to go back to Yoga on a Tuesday night: which should be a good thing but turned out to be a bit of a challenge on many levels….

Firstly, I’d been embarrassed into buying “proper leggings” having survived the previous classes wearing comfy shorts but finding myself increasingly surrounded by ladies who were “taking this seriously” and dressed to impress. Sadly, my leggings were from a well know two letters store but turned out to be “tight fit” not comfy and showed every excess possible – much to Tonys amusement and my discomfort. Working on the theory that no-one would see me or care, I walked into Senses Cafe, where Yoga is held upstairs and bumped into two of our male friends and most of the Peyia football team. Laugh? They nearly scored a home goal.

Still, there was also the class to look forward to. I settled myself quietly at the back then realised that being absent for weeks meant my sensibly clad colleagues not only knew what to do but understood Vanessas yoga -speak too! “Tighten your elastic bander”, I thought she said and looked around to see which bit of whose bods were being tightened. From buttocks to fists, shoulders to (abundance of ) tummies, everything was being tightened, which made movement difficult but I thought I should join in…..

Vanessa came to my aid and explained this important muscle zone was in the lower belly……..helping me to try to find it, being as it is wrapped generously in many outer tummies which protect it, we gave up and Vanessa just instructed “Practise”………

So today, I’ve been practising – with Molly, Aflie and Jake. Its impossible to do a downward facing dog with a great big hairy 12 stone puppy trying to lick your face. Molly lies on her tum under my arms and pleads “tickle me”. Alfie just looks highly amused and waits for me to fall over….

So I’ve given up, made a cuppa and finished off my bar of chocolate, figuring it will give my elastic bander thingy some much needed energy for the amount of breathing and pulling in I’m going to have to do……

It really isn’t fair: no day off for 6 months, running around up to 20 hours a day in extreme heat and no time to eat properly and still am able to make leggings look like ill fitting sausage skins and elegant movement seem like an engine without oil trying to start up.

“Practise, practise, practise” – and more chocolate!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News