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1st January 2010

Back in “little charge”….

I honestly don’t know what to do for the best. Molly is fighting fit – and , as the people who know and love her know, this means “noisy fit”. She is always busy; always in a hurry and always in ready to sing, dance and play.

We’re keeping her apart from Jake, who was the accidental cause of her injuries but the problem we have is that, she LOVES him! At every given opportunity, asap I open the stairgate which separates them, she loves and kisses him, they race around the pool together and her tail is wagging furiously with happiness. Alfie gets tons of cuddles and kisses and Molly is just happy to be in the gang again.

As Alfie is always in “big charge” and Mollys job is “little charge”, its difficult to stop her doing her thing. I don’t want her to be unhappy but I do want her to be safe. Jake loves her and Alfie – but I think he loves food more, so we’ll need to watch him and we’ll not let him near any food or any of his animal family, when food is about.

Course, we’ve got to tell honorary dog this: Charlie Cat has just brought home a carob rat, which he’s got proudly in his mouth and which Jake wants. Charlie is too quick – and sadly, the carob rat has ceased to be, so isn’t putting up too much of a fight…..

I’m writing watching Molly chasing around the pool, happy as anything. I cannot stop her having “moments” but just pray there are never “moments” like we had a few weeks ago…………….

I’ve got to welcome arrivals in Villa Garlands in Coral Bay soon: Molly is going safely back into her safety net before I go!

Category: Cyprus Villas News