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1st January 2010

Baby sisters birthday………..

Yesterday, my most beautiful baby sister celebrated her birthday. I’m a little cross with her that she is telling everyone she is over 40 coz it makes Maxine and I a WHOLE lot over 40 (Max is 5 years older than Steph and I’m 8 years older than her)….

Steph will always be the baby sis, even when she, like me, is facing the real “F”word age. She is a totally wonderful, completely gorgeous and kind, blood clot, ( sort of a vampire paid for by the NHS). I totally adore her and will , without question, violently hurt anyone who tries to hurt or cross her.

All Steph wants is Jon Bon Jovi: which is a little bit of a huge task to sort but I’m working on it. What her husband and children will think of this present when I’m able to give it to her, is another thing all together but my baby sis deserves her dreams to come true.

Its awful being so far away from her (she is in Newcastle, probably next to the stadium as I write, waiting for JBJs next concert!). Still, we have fun when she is here or I’m there and we natter a lot on the phone.

Really not a lot more to say: there aren’t enough good words to explain to her how totally special she is or that she is probably the most loved little sis in the world…….but hopefully she knows that!

Also, a HUGE happy birthday to Hoagey Bear, one of the best people in the world xxxxxx

March makes great people, me thinks – we’ve another 6 birthdays in our family within the next 10 days! Better get the cards posted!!

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