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1st January 2010

Babies and budding artists

I’ve had the loveliest week where babies are concerned. Being totally baby crazy, I love it when our customers come into the office, bringing their offspring with them – and love it more if they let me cuddle them! If I can get there before Sam, our own eating monster that is!

This week, we’ve had the cuddliest little boy, who was one yesterday, so we have to wish Emma and Neos baby, a HUGE Happy Birthday. A very serious little chap, he likes to observe everything and doesn’t smile too much – but he loves attention. I reckon in a few months, he’s going to “burst” with words and drive his parents crazy with his chatter!
We’ve also met Marcus, aged only 6 days and very lovely. Born to a special family, he has two big sisters and great parents. He’s a lucky little boy.

Yesterday, my Mum, AKA “Little Granny” to Lily May, who is her great granddaughter, was staying at Mums with her Granny, my sister Maxine. Mum rang me coz Lily wanted to talk – and talk she did. At only 3, she chatters for England and Cyprus! She’d just been given a wetsuit so she could go and play in the fountains in the park near my Mum – but what she wanted to do was to tell me that she’d drawn Alfie dog and was going to “Fwy hairplane to Cyyypuss” and bring it for me!

Hope she does! Cannot wait!!

Off to checkout at Villa Iremia where the most beautiful family of small boys with gorgeous long, curly hair and big blue eyes are staying. They don’t leave for 2 days but I thought they may let me play games with them! Bliss!

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