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1st January 2010

August – the month of holidays and HEAT!!

Wow! How hot can it get? These past few days have brought a new meaning to the word “heat”. Our holidaymakers in villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, are asking for shade/more fans/cooler pools – and everyone of them say, “How do you work in this heat?”…..

Well, we do it because we love it – but I realised yesterday that we’ve turned truly local: always hot and sweaty (yuk), we rush from villa to villa, constantly on mobile phones (hands free of course officer), cannot eat (result) and just want to drink (whats new- but its too hot for alcohol!).

The Cypriots are so sensible, they holiday from 1-23rd August – so we cannot get anything fixed, hence the running from villa to villa trying to sort things……….

August is wonderful. Many Cypriot holidaymakers are here in our villas, enjoying the difference between Coral Bay and Nicosia. The places seems to sing a happy, sunshine song and there are smiles everywhere……

More arrivals today and I need to find a “less is more but still cover up” uniform to wear…….

Happy Friday!