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20th May 2020

Attitude is everything!

As we left the specialist vet, in Larnaca, last Thursday morning with Barney T Rubble, I was so happy with the news that Barney didn’t need an operation to remove his eyelids, that I was skipping along the patio outside of the vet and not really noticing what lay in wait…..

This particular surgery is HUGE! It was our second visit, with the lady vet recommended to us by Nikolas of Onlyvets in Peyia, so we’d seen the many people and animals, queuing up quietly outside, respecting the social distancing thing – but happiness has a way of clouding real vision – and we nearly came a cropper!

Outside of the front door, where the steps lead down through the tall patio area to the entrance gate, lay danger! Barney didn’t sense it. Tony was oblivious too and I wouldn’t have noticed had a female voice not shouted: “Liz! stop that. Come here !”

Turning to see where the voice was coming from, I anticipated Liz would be a wayward 10 or 11 year old child but no! Liz was a Tortoise! Not any old Tortoise but one who are running towards Barney , making a funny noise and was obviously ready for battle!

Liz’s mum apologised, grabbed her naughty charge then explained to us that Liz thinks she is a dog and that she’s in charge of EVERYTHING and everyone around her! The lady also had a Labrador puppy with her, who’d incurred the Wrath of Liz early that day and had his paw bitten – so this tortoise meant business!

We laughed and walked away to the car – but I did look back to ensure the tortoise wasn’t in pursuit!

Who says attitude cannot get you through sometimes?

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