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1st January 2010

Astral travel in Peyia and Coral Bay?

Charlie Cat and Molly Mou slept on our bed last night – again. Molly is okay coz she snuggles up at the bottom and doesn’t take up much room (though her snoring takes all of the air out of the room!). Charlie is a different matter altogether: he sleeps on my head!

Talking this over with Tony when we were having a cuppa today, (Tony was admiring the early morning “beehive” Charlie had given me), Tony said he thinks Charlie sleeps there coz vibrations and heat come out of the top of a persons head during sleep.

I corrected him and said that, no, the top of the head is where the spirit escapes the body during the night, to go astral travelling. And that Charlie sleeping on my head was preventing my spirit to soar into the night, unless of course, Charlies spirit was coming with me.

Tony looked at me like I was mad so I said, “Don’t look at me like that: its true. Ask The Great Raymondodoulou: he and I were discussing it yesterday when we were feeding the penguins…….”

Category: Cyprus Villas News