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1st January 2010

Assumption Day

The 15th August is celebrated here in Cyprus ie Assumption Day, the day on which the Virgin Marys body was said to have been “assumed” into heaven to join her soul.
Across most of Europe and some of the Americas, Assumption Day is celebrated with some pageant and tradition. My favourite celebrations include the throwing of gold coins to the public, by musicians and “three wise men” who walk in costume through the streets ; or sprinkling rose water onto passersby, as a sign of pray for rain – but I love the Italian way of filling some streets with water and using them as temporary canals, where “boats” sail up the streets, manned by captain, three musicians and a goddess, blessing the locals………

Here on Cyprus, we’ll celebrate quietly, with family and friends, sharing food, sunshine and a beautiful environment.

Whatever ones religion or beliefs, its good to stop, remember (even those things the conscious mind cannot bring into reason) and just be still enough to live in the moment.

Have a lovely day, whatever you are doing….

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