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1st January 2010

Ash-en faced!

Oh dear: That Icelandic volcano with the name no-one can pronounce, has blown up again today.

Tony is devasted!

Scottish airports were closed. Irish airports were closed and the cloud was heading south……… was almost too good to be true!! Tonys Mum is flying out from Newcastle on Sunday to stay with us. Tony was so upset – that the cloud might not move quickly enough and flights would STILL be able to take off………….

He’s in the garden, doing a very good, “Blow off the volcano a bit more” dance! I’m drinking wine, laughing at him and snuggling Molly Mou, who is just back from the doggie hospital again and seems a lot stronger.

I’m looking forward to seeing my other mother – as I’m sure Tony is: he just hides his feelings.

Too well!

Category: Cyprus Villas News