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1st January 2010

As the dust settles……another Cyprus evening!

Ah well. Have spent the day telling people nothing in particular about their flights home as there is nothing to tell them. Those lucky enough to be in our lovely villas in Coral bay, are staying there, at least for the next few days.

Coming home, I was greeted with a huge song from Jake, who seems very happy to have both his people back around him – then Molly needed some TLC as her little Bumdiddlybum was covered in not so fragrant offerings!

Then to Tonys tea, stopping en route at the bathroom (did I? let me think,,,,,,,hee, hee) to wash my hands!….

Evenings emails complete, its time to stare at the stars in the heavens and imagine life when planes flew over our home in Peyia and I got excited about greeting happy guests. Best I have another glass of wine to ease the pain, me thinks!

Category: Cyprus Villas News