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1st January 2010

As good as it gets!

jake has lived with us, ruling the household (with Mollys permission!), for just on a year now. Its been so lovely to watch him roll onto his back and “ask” for his tummy to be tickled! He now trusts us, loves the world and bounds about in a way which something akin to a fully grown pony, shouldn’t do!

There were moments when I wondered if we’d done the right thing in taking him on but in a way only animals can, he has returned any care we’ve given to him, with an abundance of love, affection and loyalty – well, if you discount the pee-ing on the sofas and eating one of each of our shoes!!

Today has been a lovely day in so many respects: guests who were checking out of villas in Coral Bay, have had a great holiday; those checking into villas in Peyia, were very happy when they saw them. The dogs and cats are enjoying the slightly less hot weather (now only 30 degrees!!) and we’re all sleeping better too!

Out of the blue today, my beautiful middle sister, rang me for a chat. I was thrilled – and in a weeks time, my Mum will be back in situ in her home in Peyia – which thrills Tony to little bits! In fact, he is sobbing with joy as I blog!

Only cloud on the horizon today, has been that Jane has had an operation on her foot: the third one she’s needed for the dreaded “big C” which keeps reappearing in the same spot. Our love and thoughts are with her, Bill and the family tonight…….. here’s to a quick and complete recovery – then a return trip to see us in Cyprus.

Speaking of Jane, she, Tony , Bill and I once performed “South Pacific” on Stockton High Street while eating garlic kebabs and being in a bit of a tipsy haze! We were fab – which we kept trying to explain to the officers who wanted us to either calm down or accompany them to a nice warm (probably padded) cell!!

As soon as you are back on your feet, Mrs S (Jane), we’re heading to the Strictly studios for a bit of a salsa et al! I reckon we can still shimmy with the best of them…………… where did I put my dancing shoes and tiara? (and I’m NOT kidding – I’ve got medals I’ll have you know!!!!)

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