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4th October 2014

Arriving at your chosen villa in Coral Bay Cyprus

I was just thinking, as I’m sitting here late on a warm October, Saturday night, how waiting for the call to say a family of holiday makers are on their way from the airport, is like the feeling when I was young and I waited patiently through the night on Christmas Eve, for Santa to arrive!

Not knowing quite what to expect but knowing the villas are lovely and the guests will be pleased with them, I know the guests only through emails and telephone calls. I’ve put ‘imaginary faces’ to names, guessed ages and sit here hoping they are having a great flight.

Tonights arrivals are delayed as flights are from time to time. My anticipation grows as times goes on and I will them to know not to worry: we’ll be there for them, to welcome them to the villa, however long the delay.

As the plane lands and people disembark, my phone ‘pings’ the first update, then I wait for the taxi company or the guests themselves to ring to say they are through the airport and on their way. I can almost sense their nervousness; how they feel in the queue to passport control and the relief as they collect their luggage – then that great feeling of warm , late night Cyprus air on tired faces.

25 minutes later, I”ll meet them, settle them in their chosen villa and return home feeling content that yet another happy villa or apartment holiday is beginning.

‘Thoughts are living things’ – so its good to know as you travel into the unknown for the start of your holiday, there are people here ready to help you feel straight at home!

Gotta go!