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1st January 2010

Are you speedy?

Am just back from YUK – and what a 5 day trip it was. Don’t get me wrong: was lovely to see the wrinklies (Mum and Jim and Dad and his “new wife of only 44 years – it will never last”) but I’m so very glad to get home.

The trip was great blog fodder! Am trying to think where to start so will keep todays simple and easy – and , as it happened at the start of the trip, its only right that I start there. Here goes…..

Waiting at departures in the very lovely new lounge in Paphos posh airport, I was marvelling at how the herds of people rush forward to the desk even before the flight is called. There had been some call but I was day dreaming and didn’t hear, so when an official person asked me, “Are you speedy?” and I answered, “Erm, well not as quick as I used to be but what did you want me to do?”, she was most annoyed and spat “Speedy boarding ” at me.

Well, I was speedy then coz I was quite scared of her!!

Sitting on the plane, I met a lovely couple from Yorkshire. Both retired, he only recently retired, the lady explained to me that her husband was a “gunner”. I was impressed: joining the forces at his age was a brave thing to do so I said so. When they’d stopped laughing, she went on to explain, “No, he’s gonna learn to cook and gonna learn where the washing machine is and gonna to the garden”…………. Oh, how I laughed………………..

Anyway, am home now – no thanks to the roadworks on the M62 which caused me 5 hours of delay, almost missing my flight and terribly high blood pressure. Is great to be home: my own bath, my own mug, my own biscuits to help myself to as and when I wish and my own place to do, well, whatever I want to do – as long as Tony doesn’t mind of course!

Funnily enough, he’s a “gunner” too………………. and so am I! I’m gonna punch him for the washing mountain – as soon as I’ve finished tonights checkin to a villa in Coral Bay!

Category: Cyprus Villas News