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1st January 2010

Are we up to the job?

A great part of our job, especially during the summer months, is spent repairing things which break. Aircon units begin to drip water, tired of pushing out cold air in exceptionally hot circumstances; fridges get turned up to silly cold temperatures which makes them work too hard and they break down – and enthusiastic people bounce up and down on sunbeds………..

Most things we can repair there and then but the fridges and the aircon units are specialist things – and with every villa company in the area pushing to get repairs done, the queue does build a little! Thankfully, our guests are, in the main, patient and understanding.

I’ve had to laugh today at a couple of the comments our maintenance team have come out with when they’ve gone to try to repair items. eg

– the TV remote being used to try to operate an aircon unit – and a very annoyed guest getting nowhere in his trials!

– collapsed sunbeds which resulted in one of our team telling the very newly well endowed female guest, “I’ll have to come back because I haven’t got a long enough bolt to help you”……

– broken gate near the pool, from someone leaning on it and the repair being almost complete when the joiner on our team told the guest, “I’m one plank short of the job”…………

Out of the mouths of babes – but at least they are caring enough to try to ensure holidays in our villas and apartments in Coral Bay and Peyia, are as comfortable as they should be.

Are we up for the job? you tell us!

Category: Cyprus Villas News