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10th July 2016

Are we mad?

So, I’ve gone and ‘done it ‘ again! In approx. 17 days, one of the most gorgeous, young, single and brilliant girls in our life, is coming to stay in our home. Our fairy goddaughter arrives on the 27th July and will bring with her the magic that is her and the smile that could stop traffic.

Not only is she gorgeous, she’s more importantly got the biggest heart and most gentle spirit. A newly qualified teacher, she’ll begin her full teaching duties in Sept, so will need this break.

Why mad? Well, as a traditionally built, 50 something year old woman, I must be to encourage so much beauty and so many thin waisted ladies to our home. We seem to be overrun with them – and Tony is stoically taking it all in his stride, camera in hand and seems to revel in the role of ‘grown up go to person’ for  them.

Thing is, we love them all so much, how could we ever say no? Am only sad that she isn’t bringing her completely wonderful and beautiful sister and Mum with her too – though I’m sure plans will be made for later.

I keep meaning to diet and try to get into a recognisable shape but I just have to be hospitable to our houseguests. And friends locally. And those who visit on holiday. And our team. And holiday villa guests. And strangers who I talk to in the village. And………..

Whatever shape you are in, you are always welcome here too, in a villa with private pool , in Coral Bay or Peyia. Email to for availability. Diet tips welcomed!

The photo below is of us . Because I could use it! xphoto tony and 1 2