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1st January 2010

Are we connected?

“They” reckon that all people are connected to each other by only 7 other people: this means many things, not least that George Clooney is almost within my grasp (which is great) but also that the gorgeous, YOUNG!! tennis star, Anna Hascornsonherfeet (who Tony loves) is also within his (which isn’t great – but I bet he couldn’t catch her!).

Anyway, today, I’m feeling very connected to people: as I write, I’m connected to Twosheds and Armani coz their fingertips have tapped on the keyboard upon which I now tap – so we’re almost holding hands – and Jane (one of our very, very, incredibly old friends), has been talking to me about our shared past, so I feel connected to her life now, the people we used to know – and the universe in general…………is a nice feeling!

Problem is, if we really are all connected, does this mean that we have to offer every villa guest, the 5% friends and family discount that owners offer to their friends and family? Because surely it means we are connected to the owners, so their brothers are ours, so to speak! Its a little confusing!

Am I my brothers keeper or is he my husbands distant brother?……….my head hurts!

Course it also means that I’m connected to the people who aren’t here around me each day and who I miss very much – so thats a comforting thought.

Best I get connected now to the people who are arriving to take possession of their villas or I’ll be disconnected from my breathing apparatus by a very irate husband who is better connected than I when it comes to knowing the right people to get things done!

See you later sisters and brothers!

Category: Cyprus Villas News