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1st April 2019

April fool?

Now it’s just after midday here in Peyia and my not-at-all DIY orientated husband is very busy ”’doing things”, around the house….

I’ve been called to help a couple of times- mainly because he is funny and like to , ‘make a fuss” and often because he likes to explain what he is doing and why – even though I’m in the middle of housework and ironing/dinner making and getting a room ready for our friend, Don, who arrives Wednesday!

Still, I’m not going to stand in the way of progress – not least because one of the jobs has been in the ”planning stage” for almost 6 years now, (don’t ask!) – so I’ll make tea, ”ooh” and ”aah” and be grateful for the completely unexpected input to the chores until they are completed……which may be another 6 years but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

Barney T Rubble is very funny: unused to seeing his Dad-person, ”doing” around the house, so he’s following him around, has tipped over the plaster bucket and run off with one of the cloths! So we’re sort of one step forward and three back.

Earlier this morning, I was convinced that the preparations to ”do”, especially the main job I’ve been nagging over for months, were all part of an elaborate hoax! Now, with the clock ticking on past the time when pranks are supposed to be revealed, I think this may actually be a serious DIY day! Well, until the highlights of the Grand Prix are on TV!

Happy April! And please don’t worry: the villas and apartments are all in gorgeous condition! We get time to do these, helped brilliantly by the wonderful owners for whom we work. It’s just home we seem to have little time for!

Book your late Spring or Summer holiday now. Email to Who knows! Tony may reply to you before I do. Will save him decorating LOL!