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1st January 2010

Anything for the weekend sir?

Alfie has been to the vet today and he’s getting better and better. So is Alfie.

Only Joking! New vet is great and Alfie is getting more and more healthy. He’s had his pamper bath (Alf, that is – though the vet smelled very fragrant) and he came home to a loving, if smelly welcome. SO……

Tony has had a bath after he and I have bathed Jake= and Jake covered us both in smelly towels and made us more and more smelly.

Molly is due to go tomorrow for her pamper – so there is only me “to do” so to speak!

Jake is now sat on the settee (yes, still wet and giving the covers that “damp dog” smell); Alfie and Molly are in the sun – with Molly snuggling into Alf who looks very happy Molls get washed tomorrow! Charlie is looking a little dirty but he can bath himself (that said, he loves to be washed, so who knows!).

Its been a busy day!

Reminded me of our Dan, our first dog: a big handsome black labrador, who loved wearing aftershave (just a touch) and also had a medallion! If you took his chain off him, he went crazy!

Animals are funny. Smelly but funny. A bit like men -without the humour bit!

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