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1st January 2010

Any port in a storm

So here we are in langkawi sitting in a cafe watching the travellers in the ferry port. It has poured with rain since we arrived two days ago but that doesn’t matter . Both people watchers, we are enjoying the time out and being customers instead of hosts. Delayed for twenty four hours due to technical failure on the plane, we did laugh when the rain greeted us And has been persistant ever since. The biggest lessons we have learned are that attitude is everything and we can create a good or bad holiday ourselves, rain or shine. Neither the airline staff of hardworking hotel staff can make or break this time. It’s up to us and we are determined to have fun. We are also going to remember these lessons during the season when some of the people staying in villas in coral bay or PEYIA start to complain about the world when the real problem is often in their own hearts. We are watching people here who have nothing but are rich in smiles and time for each other. Wish we could bottle their good grace and hand it out. Some of we british could do with it! Now where is my umbrella?

Category: Cyprus Villas News