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7th May 2017

another planet?

Tony and I went to Limassol on Friday evening, for the start of the Boat Show. Got to say, it wasn’t what either of us were expecting but it was great all the same. We had a really good look around a stunning boat , the stuff dreams are made of, before heading to one of the many restaurants which are built out on the Pier and overlook the sea and the Marina. Limassol really has got it’s act together.

That said, the restaurant experience wasn’t what I’d anticipated either. The food was excellent, we had a giggle but the strangest thing happened when I went to the ladies loo….. The toilets were one floor up from the restaurant. Having just got into the lift to go to the next floor, I was joined by one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen – and she was SO tall! I’m not small – I’m 5ft 5ins in flatties, which I was wearing but she stood at least one foot taller than I – but what she had in height, I had in abundance in weight compared to her: she had the tiniest frame! I was entranced so was totally shocked when we got into the loo and she asked me to take her dress off! Well, I wasn’t wearing it – then I realized she’d turned around and meant she wanted me to unzip her dress…….weird till she began to explain she’d poured herself into this tight lace dress in a hurry  and it wásn”t sitting right!

So like the small, square shaped dumpling I must have looked to her, I obediently unzipped the dress, then averted my eyes while she pulled it back on and requested to be zipped back up!

I don’t know what bothered me more – that a stranger had asked me to do this or that the stranger was SOOOOOOO tall and tiny, I couldn’t believe we’d come from the same planet! Maybe she’d sailed in on the dream boat from an unforeseen star? Who knows….

Anyway, if you are thinking of holidaying on an island bathed in sunshine, with warm seas – and very interesting ”creatures”, come to Cyprus and rent a villa from us. We’re great at offering excellent villas in good locations at superb value for money deals – and can even throw in a little bit of help with ”tailoring”! Email to me, with the ZIP file, to

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