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1st January 2010

another day in a beautiful dogs life

Our beautiful Alfie dog has to start taking tablets for “doggy dementia” today – if I can remember where I put them when I picked them up from Nicolas, the vet, yesterday!

Poor doggy also has to have an op on Friday, to remove the huge lump which has grown on his shoulder and which is driving him crazy – and attracting too much attention from Jake, who keeps wanting to bite it!

I pray Alfie is strong enough for the op but know it has to be done. Nicolas and Annie are wonderful so Alf will be in the best hands – and Tony and I will be pacing the floors worrying till we know all is well.

Molly seems to know her big brother isn’t too well and keeps cuddling and kissing him. Jake just wants to eat the lump! Charlie cat is oblivious to everything other than his battle with Big Black Cat who is going for “hill domination” but Charlie (and Gussy cat, from next door), aren’t letting Big Black Cat “in”.

Fun, isn’t it?
Just wish it didn’t hurt so much….

Category: Cyprus Villas News