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6th July 2011

Another Company Cat

We were gardening today in the beautiful holiday villa cul de sac which houses Villas Kayto and Coral, Villa Bella and Villa Aarabella in Coral Bay, when Robin spotted the tiniest little ginger and white kitten, hiding in the bushes.

He is a big softie, (Robin not the kitten), so rang the Cyprus Villas office to ask for help. We asked him to take the kitten to Annie, our vet, who told us to put it back in the bush and keep a close eye out to see if its mummy comes back to feed it. At only 4-5 days old, Annie felt the kittens mummy had simply gone looking for food for her baby.

Samantha has gone with Robin to return the kitten to its hiding place – and I suspect both she and Robin will spend the afternoon doing nothing more than look out for mummy and make sure baby is okay….

Actually, what I really suspect is that Charlie cat is about to have a new baby brother or sister – unless Sam steals the bundle to take home to Ozzie cat ! I hope she does – but I hope she doesn’t too: after all, I’ve nothing else to do, have I?

Category: Cyprus Villas News