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12th September 2011

Animals! I spoke too soon…………….

I think Monster Pup Jake overheard me saying to Tony last night that we shouldn’t spoil the animals at Christmas. What Jake didn’t then hear was the end of the line which was, “because we spoil them EVERY day”…..

So , when I got up this morning, Jakes good behaviour, undertaken in case the doggy elves were watching, had vanished. Instead, various santa claus toys and Christmas decorations were strewn across the lounge with monster puppy sat in the middle of them, laughing.

Alfie was keeping out of the way and Molly was shouting at Jake: she is her mothers furry daughter and knew I’d be cross with Jake for the mess he had made.

Actually, I had to try not to laugh. Jake thought the whole thing was SO naughty, you could see he was really happy and thrilled to have been so destructive. He DESPERATELY wanted me to chase him and tell him off – so I didn’t……………so he brought all his spoils downstairs, from the lounge, to the kitchen where I was making coffee – and started to play with them.

I tried to ignore him but………….kitchen is now covered in stuffing, broken decorations and dog hair, mixed in with some of my pride and annoyance!

Category: Cyprus Villas News