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1st January 2010


Molly is very strong now: strong enough to be totally demanding (she is female) and to want her own way, (as I said, she’s a girl….).

Thankfully, she is now happily integrated back with her brothers and loving every moment of it. Jake gets his eyes cleaned each morning and Alfie gets cuddles and kisses. Charlie snuggles into her and peace reigns for a short while till Jake wants to play!

The Monster Pup is getting bigger and stronger. We’ve employed the excellent services of Lindsay, the dog trainer who is teaching Jake to be “charming” and to be “nice” to other dogs. Now I know Jake and, while Lindsay says he is doing brilliantly, I believe he is good only to please her then comes home to teach us all a lesson! At least she is seeing improvement and we’re seeing him, normally, flat out and snoozing coz Lindsay has worn him out!

Charlie is having a bit of a time. Two new big local cats have moved in on his and Gus’s territory. I swear these two vagabonds are spending their days in our home, tormenting the dogs and stealing Charlies food! I leave out the daily meze of Charlies favourite things and its all gone in moments!

The villas in Coral Bay don’t get away from animals either – and the cheeky things have even started to move in on the new Andriana II apartments in Paphos too! Mainly cats, they come complete with misc partners, offspring and hangers on – all very hungry and most very cute. Near to Villa Bella, the little gang of 8 are still in residence. Growing bigger now the tourists are here, these cuties know exactly how to charm the tourists and don’t even mind that they get renamed each holiday – they just ply on Cypriot charm, make the giver of food feel like the most special thing in the world then move on to the next person who shows them attention, with a backward glance…..

Holiday romances are rife, even with the animals!

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