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1st January 2010

animal, vegetable and mineral….

Its a stunning morning here in sunny Cyprus. In Peyia, on our hillside, the sun is shining a very lovely 20 degrees and I”ve been trying to sit and enjoy it for half an hour with a coffee – but the animals have other ideas.

Firstly, Charlie cat came and sat on my knee, pretending to be loving then starting to get cross with me coz he really wanted the seat to himself and wanted me to get off. Molly, who are also sharing the chair, wasn’t prepared to move so I had to -and the two of them are now sunbathing, wrapped around each other looking like one strangely shaped, 8 legged animal!

Jake is helping Tony to clean our pool: Tony got all of the bits out to clean/check levels etc – and Jake has “tidied” them away somewhere in the garden. So Tony is now chasing Jake in the hope that Jake will lead Tony to his hiding place and the cleaning of the pool can begin in earnest.

Alfie is a little more chilled out: the gun shots going off on the hill, (its hunting season here), keep taking Alfies attention so he’s nonchalantly strolling around the side of the house then getting bored and returning to his favourite daytime snoozing place indoors……

My morning has been punctuated by a suicidal bumble bee who keeps throwing himself into the pool, where he lies on his back, throwing his legs around and taking his last breaths- till I scoop him out and place him gently on the bushes away from the pool. ……..then he flies back to the pool and it all begins again.

Maybee he actually has had enough – but on the offchance he is on a dare with his bumble bee chums, to see how many times the woman will actually save him, I have to keep doing it! If he is seriously depressed, he can throw himself back in later when we are out – though tony may have cleaned the pool by then so won’t be too happy to have the bee mess it up!

Jake has found a pretty rock: might be valuable, so he’s now dropped that into the pool too for safe keeping………….

Category: Cyprus Villas News