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1st January 2010

Animal angels

Was a very sad day yesterday. My Dad and Mary emailed to let us know that Cheeky Charlie, their beloved 19 year old cat, had to be put to sleep. Charlie was a total character who’d lived close to Dad and Mary for a number of years, living with one of the older ladies in the bungalows near their home. Then, when she passed away, this wonderful cat just made his way to Dads and moved in!

A local character, Charlie patrolled the back road every day, stopping to talk to the people he’d known many years , then wee’ing in a drain before heading home for a nap. He was huge in size, spirit and heart – and much loved. Mary and Dad are heartbroken but thankful for Charlies long life .xx

Marie and Sprocket arrived at the vets in Northumberland, yesterday, for tests pre Sprockets planned op today -and the vet discovered a large, inoperable tumour, advising Marie it was time to put Sprocket to sleep. Having travelled with him from Cyprus to home, hopeful of the results of the operation and geared up to help him recover well, Marie is totally devastated. Our hearts go out to her.

At the very least, Sprocket got Marie home, to her Mum and family, who’ll be there to hold her up over the tough times ahead. When she comes home to Cyprus, we’ll all be here to help her.

I like to think that Cheeky Charlie will be tormenting the life out of Sprocket as they race around in animal heaven. I know they’ll be sending love and thanks to the people they owned here on earth …..

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