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8th May 2012

Angels in disguise

I have just had to smile………….Tony is really not well today and is in bed trying to sleep off a horrible migraine and food poisoning (no, I didn’t cook for him before you ask)…..

anyway, have been feeling bad for him so have been asking the angels, particularly Archangel Raphael, who is the healing angel, to go to help Tony and stand at his side till he feels better.

Have just taken a glass of water up to him and found Jake sitting one side of the bed and Alfie lying on the other. They were both asleep in the lounge when I left them so ‘someone’ has opened the bedroom door and lets these would be ‘doctos’ in to the bedroom

When I was born and for the months after that, my Nannas two dogs, Laddy and paddy, used to ‘guard’ me, sleeping either side of my bed…………I think our boys are doing exactly that for Tony

Angels come in many disguises xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News