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1st January 2010

angels, carpet slippers and hot water bottles

One of the best things about coming to live in Peyia, Cyprus has been finding Molly Mou – or rather, her finding us. She is a tiny, Yorkshire Terrier/Cyprus Poodle mix dog who makes up in attitude what she lacks in height. We first saw Molly just under 3 years ago, as we were travelling from Coral Bay to Kathikas and she was thrown out of a car in front of us. There were two little dogs and both ran into the darkness of the Pikni Forest, behind the Peyia hillside, so we couldn’t see them to help them. Five days later, Molly turned up at our house and collapsed on the poolside. 3 years on, she is here, happy and thriving and is the most precious little animal a person could ever wish for. I reckon she was my “angel” – she certainly behaves like she is my protector!

Whenever I go out late at night or early morning to meet a holiday villa guest arriving at resort, Molly looks very worried about where I’m going and why. I swear if she had a watch, she’d lift her paw and look at it, telling me to be home in eg 30 minutes! Equally, she would love a mobile phone to keep tabs on her people!

Since the arrival of Jake the monster puppy, Molly has made it her personal mission to stay by my side and “protect” me from the lolloping lumox of puppy. Wherever I sleep in the house, Molly sleeps. If I don’t sleep, Molly stays awake. If Jake runs off into the garden/poolside hiding, Molly comes with me to find him – and she has him totally terrified of her!

Last night was no exception: we have an arrival in one of the villas in Coral Bay at around 2.30am. When we got home, Jake was full of fun and wanted to play. Tony was feeling ill so went to bed, (accompanied by Alfie, Tiff and Charlie) and Molly and I stood guard.

But we weren’t quick enough to save the teddy bear hot water bottle from Jakes hungry jaws and saw it being “rushed” around the pool before being deposited in the pool. My sparkly slippers followed suit! I’m really cross with Jake coz I loved those slippers and have worn them consistently since we got here: they are like “comfort cuddles” on my tired feet. Jake, of course, couldn’t care less!

Molly and I are shattered and there are guests to meet and greet at two villas in Peyia. Jake is tired too so has lain down at the bottom of our stairs preventing movement up or down the staircase due to him being a living, foot nipping obstruction at the bottom of the stairs!

The teddy hot water bottle is bobbing gently on the pool, looking very content. Perhaps I’ll join it later!