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1st January 2010

Angels and birthdays

It was a great week for birthdays last week- or rather , the week of birthdays for some of the greatest people.

The Great Raymondodoulou had a birthday on Wednesday. As a “bust” man, he got a smiley face to shove his beer bottles in and get their tops open. Oh and a drill – so he advised us he would be able to “put up” said bust – but we’ll see. As he hadn’t done the hoovering on time, I’m wondering how long it will take him to play with his drill………………….moving on

Yesterday wasn’t an unlucky day: it was the birthday of the beautiful Twosheds who, very selfishly, wasn’t here with us but was at home in Yorkshire with Armani. I’m cross about this but do understand and am planning to SPOIL HER ROTTEN when she gets here. Course, if “her team”, Man U, win today, she’ll see that as a great gift. If they don’t, we’ll hear her cursing from Yorkshire, in Cyprus.

Birthdays are both special and strange. Special coz its “your” day and strange coz they are normally just another one and nothing in particular happens…………..well, thats what you think. Really, around the birthday people, the angels gather and sprinkle wishes and love on the birthday people and try to make sure the year ahead is as good as it can be. Course, they’ve no control over football teams or drills, so some things we just have to leave to the universe….

Happy birthday TGR and Twosheds. You are both completely and utterly wonderful and haven’t paid me to say that – but you’ll suffer in your own way when we see you!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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