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1st January 2010

and todays first checkout was pants…………

I went to do the first checkout today, full of the joys of October sunshine. When I arrived at the villa, the guests weren’t quite ready so I said I’d come back in 20 mins, no problem at all.

Returning to the villa a little later, I walked back to the front door, guests were ready and were just putting the last of their cases into the car, so I went to walk back to my car and spotted a pair of undies on the path near the gate. Leaning to pick them up and thinking they’d fallen out of the case, I was just about to say something, when I realised that they were mine – and also that they must have fallen when I first came to the villa and therefore the guests must have seen them…….

Pushing them into my pocket, I said nothing but my redness told the full story…

How did it happen? Easily. Earlier, at home, I’d stripped off, put my dirty clothes on the bed with some washing, put my clean clothes out ready and had a shower. I’d then pulled my clean clothes on, realising Jake had been pushing the items around in play – and I went to work.

The (very offending) items, must have been stuck in the leg of my jeans, or worse, on the back of the belt and come with me to the checkout, where they then decided to jump free and litter the walkway!

Embarrassed? Totally!

Wonder if I could pretend its a new Cypriot custom designed to make people feel at ease? No, probably not – these would have scared the life out of them, not comforted them!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News