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1st January 2010

… and they say romance is dead……

With just over 4 weeks until we celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary, Tony has surprised me with three things this week:
– his tolerance of idea I’d had to invite my Mum for Christmas
– a triangle shaped kettle which actually works (though he is a bigger teapot than I am!)
– and a steamer which cleans carpets, windows, curtains etc – but, as it turns out, needs an operator – namely me!

Today, the weather is a little changeable as are my hormonal moods, so the steamer has been put to the test: curtains, settees, rugs, floors ……each have had ‘the treatment’ – and if tony doesn’t turn the volume down on the golf he’s watching, I may just be ‘steaming’ in more ways than he would wish!………..

Roses would have been lovely. Chocolate, fab – but this steam machine is great too – and an ‘influential message giver’ when I want my own way, tee hee…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News