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1st January 2010

And then there were 7………….

Ah, its very sad: the Ellerton Four left our fair shores today to head back to the Yorkshire countryside – and, erm, rain! I feel really sorry for them coz they’ve had a fab week (yes, you have: trust me!) and won’t feel the benefit of it due to cold at home……

Actually, i think they’ll be happy to be home: we’ve had tons of fun and really enjoyed the Easter break here together but I’m partied out and my poor liver needs a break before I start this all over again. Worse than the wine consumption, has been the amount of laughing we’ve done: very ageing for eyes which also get pummeled by the sunshine daily! Still, all worth it.

`Jake has been a total star and is settling down. I know he is missing the attention he was getting coz he’s pee’d in the downstairs room tonight and is avoiding my cuddles as a mark of his disgust that his “new people” have left him. Molly is looking everywhere for her friends and Alfie is Alfie: chilled out and lounging on the front step.

Its been lovely showing Els, Andy, Andy and Jo some of the wonderful places around the Coral Bay and Peyia area – and getting their help on check ins to some of the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia (though what the guests must have thought as we all piled up in the Hilux truck, opened the boot and let one of the Andys out!). Actually, we almost lost one of the Andys yesterday: Tony thought it would be fun to “bump” them gently over a small hole in the road as we left Yialos (and were driving very slowly and carefully, for any “Elfs ” reading this!). But sadly, Andy D. was thrown from the back and landed on his knuckles – which bled and made us all feel awful – but we still laughed: eventually!! (Sorry again, Andy).

Today was really sad: we;ve lunched in the Mediterranean bistro in Peyia and almost missed the flight coz the wonderful Demetra *(the owner) wanted to share Commandiera wine with us all before the Four went home!

Its always good to see the village and area we love, through the eyes of people we respect and care for: its was lovely to get their feedback on the restaurants, wine, bars, wine, walks, wine, people, wine……you get the picture!!

Jo D. didn’t get the picture – well, not many of them. On one occasion, she took Andy and Els Ts camera out instead of her own and on another, her camera was going out without her with Mr and Mrs T coz Jo wanted to chill and the camera had a task to do!!

Thanks guys: for taking time out to spend a week with the 7 of us: for putting up with the animals and the two of us and for your constant good humour and great company: its been wonderful and we cannot wait to see you over here again!

(We’ve some lovely villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, hee hee!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News