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19th May 2019

…and the day begins….

Tony is teaching this weekend, so Barney and I are home alone and , for once , other  than emails and a few calls, I’ve a day off. Sheer bliss!

This means the daily ” feeding of the family on the hill”, can be done a little slower with more time to , ”talk ” to the family members and make sure they are okay..

Barney is first: he’s had his bowl of scrummy food and medicine for his hip. Gone in about 4 seconds, he’s now licking his lips and cleaning his paws, so I’ve fed Mummy and Daddy bird who are living in the eaves about Tony’s Aunty Carole’s bedroom  (!). This means they’ll now feed their babies.

The birds to the back of the house, who fill the mornings with beautiful songs, are also fed. I’ve just fed the birds who hang around the vine – and also sneaked some food to the pair of carob rats who I love! They live under the old BBQ and are cute as buttons – but Tony doesn’t like them.

Next, Harry Cat, the beautiful, grumpy feral cat who is still living in the cat hotel at the front of the house, has been fed tuna. I’ve run out of cat food today and, as I’ve no intention of getting into my car today, he’s had to, ”make do”, with tasty tuna…..

My turn now – if there is anything left! But it won’t be toast coz the birds have finished the bread……

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(Photo below is Harry waiting for his breakfast – you’ll have to look closely. He won’t let me near him but is happy to accept food!)..