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1st January 2010

and still it rained……….

Jake, Alfie and Molly woke me up at around 5am today to “tell” me there was a thunder storm and to ask me for cuddles/play, preferably my side in the very warm bed – and breakfast: and not in that order!

So I got up. Played, drank tea, watched the storm and played a bit more. Jake threw his “chunky chicken” (his prize possession) at the window to stop the storm but still it rained.

Off to work at around 8.30 am and the heavens opened a bit more. Yvonne and I were off to help people move from one long term villa to another – and we got soaked while they stayed in the villa giving us instructions – and no cups of tea.

By 2pm, the rain was SOOOOOO heavy, there was a river running down the main road where our office is – and we watched through the window as we told people, on the email, about our sunshine island and warm welcome – and drank much hot tea!

Tony and I are just back from our weekly lesson in how to read/write and speak Cypriot even when others say it isn’t possible – and they could be right!

Its still raining. Jake is still playing. Alfie and Molly are in front of the fire and Charlie is playing with a bird (of the feathered variety). Tony is drinking tea and I’m about to have a large GnT!

A perfect Tuesday! The rain is a great investment in the islands future: we need the water (which is why I’m not drinking tea: save at least a mug full of water a day and I really don’t mind having a GnT instead!! All for our holidaymakers of course!

Umbrellas up! Cheers!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News