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1st January 2010

and lightning strikes again……………

Tuesday the 24th March and its STILL raining! Last night, we had huge thunder and lightning storms again – which led to the monster animal team dive bombing us so they could feel safe!

Don’t know about safe but I couldn’t feel my legs! Jake was laying on them, Molly on him, Alfie snuggled up by the side of the bed and Charlie, between Tony and I.

Jake then had a bad dream and began to “run” and fight back at the beast in his sleep – which meant I got kicked out of bed and Jake stole my pillow space!!

When the alarm went off this morning, I was totally shattered and had hardly slept a wink. The gang got up, had their breakfasts, did their business – then went back into OUR bed! I ask you!

Its now early afternoon and I need to sleep but Tony has just been home and apparently , “They are all settled”, so I’d better not go back and disturb them, had I?…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News