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1st January 2010

And it curtains for me – again!

I’m SOOOO excited! Down in Banana Bay, Coral Bay, we’ve taken on a number of new Paschali built villas – and they are lovely! Due to be completed by April 08, its time now for the furnishing to begin!

This morning, the owner of one of the villas asked us to go down and offer him some advice on curtains/blinds – so I talked “finials” (which Tony says I do most days!) and this man said, “look just go ahead and choose whatever you think will be right!”

Whippee! Shopping for voiles and curtains is one of my favourite things especially when I’m not paying. AND I can choose some dramatic colours just to see how they’ll look and I won’t have to live with them if I don’t like them! (only joking, in case you are reading this Mr R!).

This villa in Coral Bay is going to be extra gorgeous! You’ll be drawn to staying in it because of the attractive window dressings!…….as well as the design/location etc.

Gotta think of a name for the villa too: maybe the word for “creative” in Cypriot – or “broke”?……. or “Happy” (Hara), coz thats how I’m going to feel when I’m shopping!

Category: Cyprus Villas News