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1st January 2010

and it all kicked off!

Well, Peyia scored two points at yesterdays football game – but not in the manner they’d hoped to score!

Let me explain:

Firstly, Charlotte was so excited about going to her first football match that she could barely contain herself and had to get changed 3 million times until she felt she was wearing the right yellow and blue creation, which reflected the teams colours!

I had to get changed 4 million times coz it was just one of those days!

Tony was fine: he has his favourite “support my team” shirt and was flashing his gold season ticket!

The crowd began to gather about an hour before kickoff. Charlotte and I had a big challenge trying to find somewhere to park close to the ground: there we SO many cars and SO many people! It was great fun!

We got our tickets and fought the crowds to get a seat. Charlotte loved the noise/the families/the man selling drinks/the fact there was a TV camera – it was going really well………….

Peyia scored within 4 minutes! Hoorah. Then AEK scored. Oh dear – and their supporters began to let off fireworks. The game was stopped. An announcement was read out over the tannoy and the crowd told, anymore fireworks and we’re abandoning the match.

So AEK supporters let off another, just as the match kicked off again – and the game was abandoned.

Charlotte had 12 minutes of football and then 30 minutes wait whilst the final decision was reached – and had to extract a promise from her dad that he’d take her to a match back in UK!

We girls went home. The boys went to the pub to “discuss the match” – and Peyia village had a total electricity cut for approx half an hour.

Chatting by candlelight, Lottie decided football is great; very exciting – and so is living without electricity……very good for story telling!

I was just grateful that we were home and out of the stadium before the lights went down: though I suppose the fireworks would have brightened the road out !

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