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1st January 2010

…..and breathe……..

Oh dear. I’ve avoided Yoga for 3 weeks now for genuine reasons. Firstly I was in UK then I returned and Alfie was poorly, so I wanted to spend the night with him . Tonight I have no excuses…

I WANT to go: its just that my legs don’t seem to fit properly on my body today and my body seems to be carrying an alien visitor around with it coz this much extra blubber isn’t mine: think it crept on when I was concentrating on something else (like wine or chocolate!)…..

Its Murphys law: I’m worried about flying so I eat. I’m scared of the M62 and driving in fog, so I eat. I worry about the animals and how they are behaving for Tony, so I eat. Then I have a glass or two of wine…

We’ve had company over the weekend and its been lovely – but we’ve had to be sociable – which meant I had to eat, drink and be entertaining!

Vanessa-the-elegant, will be there smiling and making the yoga look very easy. She is great fun and will take the micky out of me – which also makes me drink when I get home coz am sensitive and don’t like being a thin person in a cuddly suit!

Still it could be worse: there might not have been a bank holiday next Monday so Yoga may not have been cancelled – but there is and it is. ………… I suppose I might as well not go tonight coz its hardly worth getting fit just for one week then losing the tone, is it? Perhaps I’ll just stay in, stay warm – and, erm, eat?!

Category: Cyprus Villas News