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25th September 2020

An Island? No Way!

I cannot remember who said, ”No man is an island” but I’ve truly learned the meaning of that phrase over the past few weeks.

Living here on the beautiful island of Cyprus, it is possible to feel isolated from many loved ones whose lives are happening in different countries. The current situation with Covid 19 and the challenges with travelling, have brought home to me how far away I can feel from those I hold dear – yet, I’ve been reminded recently, by sharing time with many loved ones, that , actually, we are together in spirit, even if not physically.

Doesn’t matter where we each go, what we are doing or what we are going through, love, friendship and caring unite us and keep us close. A great believer in , ”thoughts are living things”, I have struggled a little over the past months with worries and fears – and stupidly let this cloud my normally happy heart – but the sun is in the skies and my heart is filled with love and positivity: I just know it’s all going to be okay.

One of the precious gifts I’ve been given recently, is to spend time with Dan, the middle child of my beautiful sister, Maxine, who passed away at Christmas. Getting to know him better during his holiday here and seeing him for the incredible man he is, has touched my soul. He is at peace with the world and  has such a sensible, positive outlook: no wonder my sister was so very proud of him – as am I. He has reconnected me with the family in ways I cannot put into words: reminding me that I’m not an ”island” alone and cut off from the outside world: I’m part of something so  much greater, which spans generations and will do for years to come.

Cyprus has always felt magical to me in terms of the history she has and the stories and love which are deep within her land. I needed to remember that life is magical, despite it’s difficulties and challenges. We are all on the journey together but have the wealth of love and history behind us, to stand on as we find the courage to move forward…

No, no man or woman is an island: we are ALL in this together. Linked by love and life. Bring it on!

(and if you want to visit Safe Cyprus, this beautiful island in the Med, email to me for details :

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