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1st January 2010

An interesting day….

The lovely lady in the bakery in Coral Bay is Irish and was celebrating St Patricks day today when I called for cakes……The delivery man who brought our pool chemicals was from Athens…….the window cleaner who attends to our office, is Russian……..the lady we took to view villas in Peyia, was from Slovakia……tonight we bought chairs for the garden, from a huge superstore, where we were served by a Cypriot lady who introduced us to the Romanian girl on the till………….

and everyone spoke English!

I’m totally ashamed of myself. Its year three for me going to school to learn Cypriot and I still get my apples and the word for “mens parts” mixed up (no, I’ve no idea why the words are so similar but am very popular at the fruit counter in the supermarket when I shop for fruit and veg!)……

Cyprus is very colourful and totally interesting – if not a little humbling!

Category: Cyprus Villas News