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1st January 2010

An evening stroll

Tony and I took the rare chance last night, of spending a few hours at Yialos to watch the sun go down. The early flights were in and guests happy – and the later ones were delayed until the early hours, giving us some time to sit and enjoy the sunset.

Yialos is a wonderful place; a family run taverna on the sea front in Coral Bay, its a lovely place to just sit and chill either a a couple or with a group of friends…..perfect end to a day.

While we were sitting there, drinking cool Keo and watching the sun rays stretching through some (rare) clouds, a friend of ours walked down the road with her two dogs- and her cat! It was hilarious: whatever the dogs did, the cat did. When the dogs then sat down while their owner had a coffee, the cat sat with them. When they foraged for food, so did the cat……….then they all walked back home!

We’d only had one Keo at this point and have witnesses who shared this happy sight – and I cannot wait to go back again and see the scene repeated!

Category: Cyprus Villas News