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6th January 2016

An Epiphany in Cyprus!

Wednesday 6th January – Epiphany and the village of Peyia and surrounding areas, are peaceful and basking in sunshine.

The day itself has huge religious significance but the noun, ‘epiphany’ has the meaning of , ” a moment of sudden & great revelations or realisation of the importance of something’…..something which has resonated with me over the festive period.

We’ve been lucky enough to have a little time off over Christmas and New Year but for Tony and I , this time off has included working each day to eg help a guest who was taken to hospital unexpectedly; reply to emails from people who’ve had the time to enquire about and book their 2016 villa holidays in Cyprus; deal with owners who are here for Christmas and New Year and who wanted to meet – just daily, work related interruptions to our personal holiday time – and it didn’t matter at all: in fact , the ‘epiphany’ I had was how very much I love the work I do; how much I value the trust put in us by villa owners and holiday makers – and how much I’m looking forward to working very hard to help people have wonderful holidays in 2016!

Unlike some, I’m very excited to get back into the office , (tomorrow) and back to ‘normal’. It will be great to be surrounded by our team again and to share in their enjoyment of the work we do.

It’s an absolute pleasure to help people choose the right villa, ensure the pools really ARE clean to use and help with any local information. In fact, we could “talk Cyprus’, all day long.

So, if you’re thinking about a holiday in a villa here in Cyprus, please think about emailing to me to ask for our help. We will ensure your holiday has many ‘moments’ – it’s important to us to see you happy!

For great value villas with clean pools, email to!

(Photo below is of the view from our home in Peyia, taken 3rd January).

photo jan 3 x 2