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1st January 2010

An almost citizens arrest

So, we were preparing for last weekends arrivals and the property managers were on the case, checking the properties to ensure all was well etc, when they came across a lovely new townhouse which should have been empty but had obvious signs of guests in it!

The manager rang me and I immediately rang the owner who assured me the property should be empty, so Tony went the join the property manager, Paul, to help him speak to the squatters whilst I got the number for the police.

About 5 mins later, Tony rang to say the squatters were friends of the owner, he was expecting them to be there and the owner had actually booked them into the property! So I rang the owner again, gave him the name and description of the people – and a very embarrassed owner said, yes, that IS them and I thought they weren’t arriving till this weekend but I must have made a mistake……….

Unlocking the “squatter” from the arm lock in which Paul had him held, the man laughed his head off when we explained the circumstances of his “arrest” and said that he’d dine off this for years when he got back to the Rotary club where both he and the owner were members……..

The owner said little but I could feel him blushing in the UK, from the warmth of Peyia, Cyprus!

Category: Cyprus Villas News