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1st January 2010

An almost catastrophe

Picture the scene: family fast asleep in happy dreamland in the comfort of their home. Well, Tony and I sharing our bed with Molly mou; Alfie asleep to my right on his bed on the floor and Jake, snoring happily to Tonys left, on the floor next to the patio windows………….which were open and through which, at 2.55 am , came a stray cat,looking for food who jumped in and landed on a sleeping Jake………..

The commotion which ensued is a little hazy to say the least but the dog and cat hairs, scratches on my legs and hands and noises, will live in my memory for a long time.

Crazy cat was fine, though shaken up. Dogs were interested but wanted to sleep and Tony barely moved…………….I haven’t slept since! I daren’t. Jake is on window patrol just in case

Call me psychic but I don’t think the cat will come back………..

Category: Cyprus Villas News