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1st January 2010

Always on a full stomach!

I LURVE this crazy place!

Today, Paul , one of our villa managers, visited one of his villas to find that, overnight, someone had tried to get into the villa but had failed though there was enough damage done to suggest the thieves may have been making way for someone to come back and finish the job! We were thrilled that Pauls visit had scuppered this.

To help the owner/insurance etc, I duly went to our local police station to report the would be crime and entered into a long dialogue with a very handsome police officer, who initially refused to come to the villa saying, “As nothing has gone, what do you want me to do”……but he eventually agreed to come with me.

Well, agreed to come with me if I continued to wait for a while, watching him disappear into the back office then keep popping out to see if I was waiting for him.

It was only when I realised that the sound of “clicking” I could hear coming from the room to which he vanished, was the sound of crockery in a plate, that it was obvious I’d disturbed the policemen on their lunch and nothing but nothing (unless an absolute emergency), takes a Cypriot away from his food…..

I duly waited and waited. Then waited some more while the policeman came back to the room in which I sat and then washed his face and hands – then was told he was ready and we must leave NOW!!!

All is well that ends well. Villa is now secure. Nothing was taken and the windows are insured so will be replaced today.

Quite an adventure and the policeman wants to rent one of our villas in Coral Bay for a few weeks in summer!

Category: Cyprus Villas News