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21st August 2018

Almost a Cat-astrophy!

Barney T Rubble and I , wait until the sun goes down and the air is a little ”lighter” before we take our evening stroll up the hillside in Peyia.

It’s our favourite time of day: me , because I love the peace and enjoy the stunning views from the hillside plus it’s lovely being with my big furry baby – and Barney, because he is on , ”cat alert”, and likes to count how many he ‘meets’ and, ideally, how many he can chase before he pulls my arm out of it’s socket!

Yesterday, we met a very sweet, very young kitten who took a huge liking to Barney and wanted to play with him. The kitten flirted and flicked her tail; lay on her back and rolled in the dust and was generally a bit of a hussy! Barney was having none of it: he simply wanted to chase her or fight her – and he didn’t mind which! Luckily, another cat caught her attention and she sauntered off.

Tonight, I think there has been a bit of a Cat Plan going on. The first part of the walk, uphill and past the many hiding places for the cats in the bushes on the roadside, was quiet and pleasant. Barney and I turned right onto the quiet road and walked to the end. Not a cat in sight. Then suddenly, I saw two pairs of ears emerge from the bush to Barney’s right- so I pulled him away before he noticed.

We weren’t out of the woods though! As Barney stopped to sniff out a pampas grass, I noticed another of the local hill gang, sitting just on the rock about  the grass – but keeping very still. Barney was engrossed and didn’t see him – so I pulled him away…..

Ah! At the end of the road, there they were: the leaders of the gang! Black Cat and Harry Cat, sitting just far enough away so Barney couldn’t leap at them but close enough that my shoulder took a bit of a yank as the big doggy tried to see them.

Time for home, I thought and pulled a reluctant 65 kilo puppy back down the hill – with his arch enemies following a safe distance behind. …… I was so very happy to be safely back behind our gate – but Harry is now sitting on my car roof, taunting Barney!

Still, home now and ready to respond to anyone looking for a purrfect holiday with the opportunity to catnap and think about life, creating catalyst for change when arriving home full of holiday peace! Email to me for deals on winter sunshine villas and apartments- or book early for Summer 2019! Villas are booking up fast – but they are the cats whiskers!

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